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The City of Lawrenceburg rolls out Golf Cart as Low Speed Vehicle updates effective August 7th 2023. 

Golf Cart Inspection – Contact the Lawrenceburg Police Department at 812-537-2284.

An initial golf cart inspection by the Lawrenceburg Police Department is required and proof of inspection must be provided to the Lawrenceburg Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.  The LPD is located at 349 Walnut St., Lawrenceburg IN 47025.

City of Lawrenceburg Golf Cart Registration Application Form

Lawrenceburg Clerk Treasurer’s Office number is 812-537-7136 and office is located at 212 Walnut Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025

The City of Lawrenceburg shall issue registration permits for golf carts that meet the requirements of the current City Code. The initial registration fee is $50 per golf cart and must be renewed on an annual basis at a cost of $5. Registration expires each year on December 31. All applications shall be submitted with payment in the form of cash or check to the City of Lawrenceburg Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.  No online application or credit card payments are accepted.  Golf Cart Inspection Checklist by the LPD is required to be included at the time of the Golf Cart Registration Application submittal. 

Golf Cart Registration Form



WHEREAS, the City of Lawrenceburg has previously adopted regulations controlling the use of golf carts within the City limits as permitted by Indiana law; and WHEREAS, the Common Council now believes it is necessary to make modifications to Chapter 76 as set out in this Ordinance.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, by the Common Council of the City of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, that Chapter 76, Sections 7.01 – 7.08 of the City of Lawrenceburg Code of Ordinances shall be repealed in their entirety and replaced as follows:


For purposes of this Chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.

ALLEY. The definition provided by IC 9-13-2-2.5.

DRIVER’S LICENSE. A valid current license to operate a motor vehicle issued by the State of Indiana or any other state.

FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. A policy of liability insurance coverage on a golf cart in an amount not less than required by Indiana law for a motor vehicles operated on public highways in the State of Indiana.

GOLF CARTS. The definition provided in IC 9-13-2-69.7. As it now exists, that term means a four-wheeled motor vehicle originally and specifically designed and intended to transport one or more individuals and golf clubs for the purpose of playing the game of golf on a golf course.

LOW SPEED VEHICLE. A vehicle resembling a golf cart that is defined by law as a “low speed vehicle”.

STREET. The definition provided by IC 9-13-2-73.


(A) The operation of a golf cart within the City is strictly prohibited unless the golf cart is operated and equipped in full compliance with this Chapter.

(B) Golf carts may not operate on any highway, any private property without permission of the owner, any public property that specifically prohibits golf carts, or any prohibited streets and alleys as posted by the Lawrenceburg Police Department.

(C) This Chapter shall not apply to public or private golf courses, construction sites, retail golf cart outlets or operation upon private property with permission of the owner.

(D) This Chapter specifically excludes any vehicle that is not defined as a “golf cart” by law, including “ATV’s”, “side by sides”, and “Razr”-type vehicles. This Chapter does however include those vehicles defined by law as “low speed vehicles”.

§ 76.03 OPERATOR.

(A) An operator of a golf cart must meet the same requirements for operating a motor vehicle found in IC 9-24-1-1, and must have a valid driver’s license and proof of financial responsibility present on their person or in the golf cart during all times of operation on City streets and alleys.

(B) An operator of a golf cart on City streets and alleys shall at all times obey all provisions of this Chapter, all driver’s licensing requirements, Indiana traffic laws, and other related laws and ordinances, and must yield the right-of-way to all pedestrians and bicycles.

(C) An operator of a golf cart shall stay in the far right of the traveled portion of the street or alley, and yield the right-of-way to an overtaking vehicle as soon as possible to do so safely.

(D) An operator shall be required to place a valid registration permit in compliance with this Chapter on the rear of the vehicle in a manner that is clearly visible to law enforcement or any other City Official.

(E) All golf carts must have a legible serial or VIN number that can be viewed upon request by law enforcement of a City Official.

(F) As required in IC 9-21-1-3.3(c)(2), an operator shall have no more than the number of passengers for which the golf cart was originally designed to accommodate, and those passengers must all be seated in the position and manner for which the golf cart was designed.

(G) An operator shall not allow any open alcoholic containers or other illegal substances to be in the golf cart at any time during operation on City streets and alleys.

(H) All passengers must be secured with a safety belt or other restraint that was designed and approved in an official and commonly accepted manner at all times when the golf cart is in motion.


(A) All golf carts operated on City streets and alleys shall have the following minimum safety equipment:

(1) Head lights and brake lights.

(2) A rearview mirror.

(3) A slow-moving vehicle sign that conforms to the provisions of IC 9-21-9-2, affixed to the rear of the golf cart.

(4) A horn.

(5) Safety belts or restraints for each passenger designed and approved in an official and commonly accepted manner.

(B) All of the minimum safety equipment described in subsection (A) above shall be functional, and in use all of the times while the golf cart is in operation on City streets.

(C) An operator or any person who owns, operates, or rides upon a golf cart on a City street or alley does so at his or her own risk and peril. All such operators and owners of golf carts assume any and all liability resulting from such activity for themselves as well as pedestrians, property, their passengers, and other drivers and operators. The City does not assume any responsibility under this Chapter by issuing a registration permit to an operator.

(D) Upon request by a law enforcement officer or other City Official, an operator shall provide their driver’s license and proof of financial responsibility.


(A) All golf carts in compliance with the requirements of this Chapter may be operated upon all public City streets and alleys, subject to the limitations of this Chapter.

(B) An operator may cross a prohibited street or alley at right angles in order to travel from one public City street or alley to another public City street or alley when the operation can be done safely.

(C) Operation on any highway is strictly prohibited.


No City of Lawrenceburg resident shall operate a golf cart within the City limits unless the golf cart is registered with the City. To register a golf cart, the owner shall submit the required application to the City of Lawrenceburg Clerk-Treasurer’s Office and shall:

(A) Present proof of current financial responsibility to the Clerk-Treasurer.

(B) Pay the initial registration fee of $50 to the Clerk-Treasurer.

(C) For every year thereafter, the owner may renew his/her registration with the Clerk-Treasurer, upon presentment of current financial responsibility, for a renewal fee of $5.

Otherwise, all registrations expire December 31 of each year.

(D) Submit to an initial inspection of the golf cart by the Lawrenceburg Police Department to confirm compliance with safety requirements. For purposes of the inspection the owner shall make available the operator’s manual for the golf cart and any other documentation related to the golf cart upon request.


The City of Lawrenceburg agrees to grant reciprocity to registration established in other cities and towns so long as:

(A) The guidelines are substantially similar to those established by the City of Lawrenceburg.

(B) Those guidelines share identical minimum license, insurance, and equipment requirements.

(C) There is a visible registration sticker clearly posted on the rear of the vehicle clearly visible to law enforcement and any other City official.

(D) All sections of this Chapter shall be in full force and effect as to a golf cart registered in another city or town, and must be followed at all times subject to the penalty provisions in this Chapter and/or other penalty of law.


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